November 2017 Iran Tehran International Exhibition Center

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2024-06-27 15:32

Exhibition time:13-16 November 2017
Venue:IranTehran International Exhibition Center


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Welcome to our booth No.41B-4,Iran International Autoparts Exhibition

The combined spring brake chamber is used to provide braking driving force for the wheel brakes. It consists of two parts: the diaphragm chamber, which is used for service braking; the spring chamber, which is used for auxiliary braking and parking braking. The spring cavity part is characterized by an overtravel function and a mechanical release brake device. During charging and braking, the compressed air from the main brake valve enters the charging brake chamber through the air inlet, acts on the air chamber diaphragm, and brakes the wheels through the push rod and the adjusting arm; release the charging and braking In the air pressure, the air chamber diaphragm will return under the action of the internal return spring, and the brake will be released. During normal exercise, a certain amount of air pressure should be maintained in the bleed brake chamber. At this time, the spring is compressed and there is no braking effect. During emergency braking and parking braking, the air pressure in the bleed brake chamber is discharged through the control valve, and the energy storage spring is released to the limit position to push out the push rod to produce a braking effect.